Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A little bit of History...

Good Morning Fellow Journey takers.....
You have no idea how thrilled I am to type that.. it is great I have people coming along with me already..... my hugest thanks!

I have been thinking about this post.. and how to do it..... where do I start?  New Blog etc.... do I start at the beginning, or do I leap in and hope it all makes sense eventually?  So split the difference, and carry on I thinks!

OK.. I am "not very well"   I am not after sympathy and all that, what I am actually after is a diagnosis.... hell that would be great!  After months and months of back and forth to the doctors, and more blood given than any self respecting vampire could handle, we are still no wiser.  Oh we know a huge list of stuff it isn't.... which is good, but doesn't make me feel any better in myself.... I want a label to slap on it, and then I want a pill to make me better.....  I want me back....  the fear of the unknown is not making my other symptoms any easier to deal with, especially when one of them is my ability to burst into tears at the drop of a hat.... and no I am not depressed.. I have been there, I know that feeling... this is just tears.... over anything.... you name it.. I will cry over it... and I HATE it... I am strong.. I am not a weepy person, I am a defender and an embracer.. I am not a soggy tissue clutching leaky tear duct!!!!

I deal with a lot of my "issues" through flippancy... I have a Masters Degree in Flippancy... I am Queen of the comeback.....  so admitting how ick I really am.. that takes some doing!

So.. I started Book of Days......  Why?  well, cos I adore Effys work, I love her teaching style (having taken Sweetlings and watched several youtube vids) so I figured BOD would be a nice little pressie to me to cheer myself up and learn a few new techniques.

I HAD NO IDEA!!!!  Absolutely no freaking idea!!!!

I cannot say how thrilled, honoured and empowered I feel to be part of the BOD Squad!  I cannot begin to express how much I have learned..... not just technique wise, but me wise.....  the Book of Mirrors is really getting me to open up and let it out.. which with my health being what it is, I desperately needed to do.  The power of Art can NEVER be underestimated, and neither can the compassion of other artists!  I can feel my art developing, growing and maturing weekly, and I can feel friendships getting stronger with each interaction in the group, and I am humbled by the intensity of our connections.

OK..... I gotta get on.. this took me longer to write that I anticipated..... but I leave you with a few pictures.. from my BOD journal .. I was going to say something apologetic about the style.... or the artistic ability.... but No.. That was the old me..... this is the new emerging me.. so this is MY art, and I LOVE it and embrace it!!!!!  And I did draw them all free hand..... Yayyy!

I still find writing my thoughts in my journal difficult... which is why I am so in love with Quotes right now........  but I am learning!

See you next time! <3 xxxxxxx

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