Monday, 23 September 2013

And face 23 takes us onto the home stretch!

I am going to miss this.... I will try my hardest to keep up the blogging.. I have had so much fun!  Had a good day today, been out for lunch and had a great time... plus I have the doctors in the morning, and I have a plan of action and I am feeling confident!!!! Yayyyy!!!

Right... face 23...... remember the other day (last Wednesday I think it was.. yes.. it was.. art club night!) I posted an unfinished face, gesso over watercolour over gesso.. with bright pink hair.. all smeared and smooshed and distressed...... well.. I decide although I liked her face, I hated her hair!

So I fiddled with it... using tissues........ and I coloured over her face some more with tinted charcoal pencils... these work soooooo well over paint.. love them!

I quite like her!

Till tomorrow! xxxx

  Tilted close up to show the dimension! :-)

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