Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 17, and for the first time.....

My heart isn't in it!

I have had a mare of a day......  I hope none of you have had the same problem.....  I have been bombarded with spam PMs on facebook since Sunday.... hundreds of them.. they are popping up faster than I can delete them......  Today we thought we sussed it out, and after TWO HOURS of clearing Pm's... I got another 30 off of the buggers...... I am so Arrghrgrhghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Anyway... My shelves are up! Yayyyy (got 17 pms during the twenty minutes they took to put up too!!)  and the new arty creation station is almost under control... just a couple more boxes to sort.....

So todays face.... I hate her.. but tough.. she is as good as I am going to do tonight as I am just not feeling the love....... but I do still adore my tinted charcoals.. it is just what I am doing with them I am less than thrilled with!!

I have gin.. I have chocolate marzipan Ikea cakes.....  I am halfway through a Martina Cole I found in the charity shop and I hadn't read (and I am now having trouble putting down!!)..... and I am off to wallow in the bath!   Then I am off for an early night with another very good murder book on the Kindle!  (yes I multi read...... I refuse to take Frazier (my Kindle Fire) near the bath.. and I can't bath without a book.........  If we are going to be strictly true.. I am reading four books right now cos I am still reading Euripides, and I am reading Woman Who Run With Wolves too......   they are both "doorstep" books and which one I grab depends on my mood at the time of grabbing!  And yes I have doorstep books cos I haven't quite quit the evil weed, and I don't indulge my cravings in the house!)

Toodles! <3 x

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