Monday, 30 September 2013

Stressful day, face 30 of 29 and a bit of BODing!

or is it Moonshining?  my brain is fried right now, and I forget!

Had possibly one of my worst mornings ever! ok.. no... but a real tearful and nasty one..... My baby girl cat, who is five, went into be spayed... we have had her and her brother since they were 7 weeks (long story....) but when Bells went to be spayed as a kitten, she had such a bad heart murmur, the vet refused point blank to put her under.....
He heart has got much better... but I hardly slept last night and I spent all morning in a right fog of sheer panic.......was I a murderer... my poor baby girl, I cannot put into words how much I love this cat... you would have thought it was my daughter going under the knife the state I was in!!  Then I got a call to say she was in recovery.. and now she is home safe, sound, spayed and sleepy....... and purring her perfect little soul out at us!

So.. while I panicked all morning.. I caught up on Moonshine and BOD a bit.......  ravens have been involved lately, and they stuck in my mind...... plus one of the talented ladies in the group painted a fabulous face and raven with a tree... and I was inspired.......

So I sketched a church..... and we went from there!

Used my favourite technique of the moment... sketch, gesso, watercolour.........

and more gesso (clear this time) and then tinted charcoal pencils and pen to outline over the top

Fine art it is not!  But so much fun it is!  I love the unpredictability of the gesso over the watercolour... you never quite know if it is going to be usable or binable! LOL  If it is usable.. I adore the distressed look it gives... love painting like this!  (sorry about the picture quality.. lost the camera leads again so using the webcam!!)

So... sticking this in as face 30/29... Yayyyyyy I DID IT!!!!  So proud of me... I never seem to keep up, but I did the faces!!!!


Till next time.....Toodles........xxxxxxx

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