Saturday, 1 February 2014

February..... The Month of....

That Iccky lurve Stuff! :-)

Well Hello... I am still here... been frantically busy.. had a few health issues, and well.. Life just took over!  But I am Back!

And .... I am back with a New Blog DT... Now I am blogging it here, because under the DT list... I am "Something Else" as opposed to Cards, Scrapbook Layouts etc... which to my mind means I can be as wild and wonderful as I like... and it fits my arty blog nicely!

The New DT position I have is with a bunch of very very dear friends... and is over at The Cupboard Trilogy and this month the challenge is Love!

I have been painting a commission for a friend,   I had a guildline to follow, which amazingly I did pretty much stick to... although I begged to be allowed to use Purple in the colour scheme.....  I am Thrilled with it, and my friend loves it.. which is a bit of a shame cos I wanted to keep it...LOL... but.. I am thrilled... This is my second sold painting.... I think that makes me a Real Artist now!

So here it is..... from the original (freehand **smug face**) sketch through the scary "OMG I Ruined IT With The Inks" stages, to the re-drawing, the shading with Tinted Charcoal Pencils.... and the finished canvas.. which, did I mention, I love?  (excuse the slight colour variations as we go... different lighting shining on the work)

Well.. there you go... I hope you like it... leave me a note if you do!  And don't forget to pop over to the main blog and see what the others have made.......  I will see you all soon! :-) xxx


  1. Wondered where you'd got to mate! Have now become a follower of this blog.
    They were right to put you under the title 'Something Else' - they know you really well LOL!
    Love this canvas and well done on selling it.
    Will try to comment as often as I can. Hugs.

    1. Hey Pamela!!! How are you? Yes.. been ages away Finally got some health stuff sorted so I am slowly bouncing back.... Thrilled with this painting... so thought it was a good one to start re-blogging with! And yes they do know me..... wonder what I can come up with for the next challenge! :-)
      Catch up with you soon xxx