Monday, 10 March 2014

Totally in the style of.....

other artists! :-)

Good Morning Bloggers..... what a glorious weekend (well it was here!) Beautifully warm and sunny... I even put a sleeveless t'shirt on, and then sat and felt half nekkid all day without my normal three jumpers! LOL  Very chilly school run this morning, but the sun is out and looking like it might be another nice day.......  Yayyyyyy.. everything is so much nicer when the sun is beaming at you!

Couple of pictures for you today........  a bit of a step out of my box and comfort zone, but had lots of fun.

On Wednesday evening, my local art group had a demo, so I invited my mum along and off we went......Great evening... one of the demo-ers was a local artist called Ian Smith... and I fell in love with his style.....   he painted with acrylics and  didn't put any guidelines on the canvas at all.. just very loosely painted straight on, and then put all the ink and outlines in after depending on where the picture told him to put them... it was amazing!

I rushed home and got all excited and the following morning I had to play!

Now I am useless at thinking up stuff to paint (well I am if it wants to be easily recognizable!!) ... so I grabbed my book Trace and Paint Watercolour, and turned to a lovely picture by Terry Harrison of a door in a wall......  that seemed a nice starting point for this technique..... so with the picture to one side and a tray full of acrylic and loads of water... I started slapping paint around.........  when it was dry (Friday! LOL) I used a split lolly stick and some indian ink to put in all the detail.....  Lolly sticks are interesting to draw with... they go where they want! LOL  For my first try, I am not displeased at all!  Fine art it is not... but I will be using this method again!

Then... in one of those wonderful moments of total co-incidence......  I had a phone call from my mum Friday night, saying her art group had a demo Saturday afternoon... did I want to go?  Errm.. yes!  And you will never guess who the demo-er was.........

Terry Harrison!!!


So along I went and that was fabulous too......  very very talented painter.. and so funny.. learned so much in between the giggles!   Got home full of enthusiasm, grabbed his book again and this time I did it according to the rules..... Traced the picture and painted it "properly"

That was..... difficult! I am not one for rules etc.. but I had great fun playing.  Again it is not fine art, but for another first attempt I am not displeased with this one either.......

Both techniques were a real learning curve... both very enjoyable, but I have to confess I found the watercolour scene much more challenging than the acrylic door..... the freeness of that style is much more my "thing"

Right.. off to get a much needed wake up coffee.. then I am going to grab a canvas and try and think of something original to paint...... Yayyyyyy!

Toodles! :-) xxxxx


  1. Don't put yourself down Debs - they're both brilliant. I love the 'door' most but the other one is also lovely. Well done for having a go.

  2. Lovely work Debs. Wish I could do as well.