Monday, 17 March 2014

Trying out new stuff.......

Been playing over the weekend with my new pens.... Graph'its, and the results are in.....  I LOVE THEM......

After selling my pro-markers cos they didn't like Mixed Media very much..... and after talking to loads of people, I went for a skin-tone set of the Graph'its as I was promised they were fully capable of Mixed Media work...... and they are!!!

I was also very excited by this Full Moons lesson in Moonshine, Effy produced such an amazing painting, I couldn't wait to have a go.. and she was using markers as the base.. so I was all set!

I only have the one set of markers (at the moment... I have my eye on many more!!!) but I only needed the skin colours for this painting.. so off I set and got at it... and I love the results... fabulous pens.. totally fabulous!

In the absence of a rainbow full of colours with the Graph'its... I used my Giotto markers for her hair, and Derwent Aquatones for the background.......

I also finished this over the weekend..... I think I like it... :-)

Lots of exciting things are occurring right now... (but more about then after I have gotten through tomorrow, when I am having a tooth brutally ripped out... LOL.. well.. I will be asleep, but right now I am panicking!)  So watch this space...... Plus I am about to start The Artists Way, a 12 week course from the book of the same name by Julia Cameron.. I have had a flick through and it looks  great.. but very personal... so not sure how much will get blogged about...... I might have to start a separate tab for it all.... then you can choose to read or ignore!

Right....  Off for my final meal.... roast chicken and all the trimmings.. making it a good 'un in case I expire from sheer fright tomorrow! LOL  If I make it... see you all soon....
Mwah! x


  1. love this Debs look like the fish are coming off the page xx

  2. Late again lol ..... hope you enjoyed your final meal, Yummy, I love both of these but those fish really look like they are going to swim right off that page. Awesome. Mmmm think I have a couple of the Graphi its pens will have to go through my stash lol, Might be some time ..... xxx