Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy April 1st!

Good Morning... so how many of you got tricked then?  Seen a few.. my fav is from the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, you can see it here!

Got a few bits to blog today..... Starting with The Cupboard Trilogy Monthly Blog... this month is Friendship..... and mine is heavily taken from a lesson with the Fabulous Effy and her Book Of Days class.... (heartbreak.. it is the last week this week... ***sobbing*** .... but Good News.. I signed up for the next session! Yayyyyy!)   I loved this lesson so much, that I decided instead of doing it in my Journal, which is essentially private, I would create it on canvas instead......  the lesson topic was Soul Tribe.... which equates to Friendship perfectly, and using spray inks, acrylics and marker pens..... here it is!

Talking of the Cupboard.. a few of us ladies got together and did a "Stash Swap"   I have been very nawty and sitting on mine a while... but Inspiration hit!  Using the goodies I was sent by my Swappee... and the goodies I was send by Lisa from That Craft Place I decided to play!

This is what my Swappee sent me.....

and this is what I did!!!!

Firstly I took all the backs etc off the picture frame... then I glued some of the heavy cardboard in my pack together to double the thickness, and cut into really silly fiddley little strips, (and I mean silly and fiddly!!) which I wrapped Washi Tape around (hmmmm.... was a good idea at the time!) ..... I covered the larger of the card (cut to fit the frame) with the papers, then glued the Washi Strips into place to create a kind of Printer Tray frame.....

I gessoed and then used Artbars on the frame, and using various bits from both my swap bag and That Craft Place, I embellished it...... Using a fair amount of glue and the odd rude word! LOL
I am rather pleased with it... been a long time since I have made anything like this..... so was a nice change to get all gluely instead of inky-painty.
I will say however in hindsight..... although it was fun....  next time I have a Grand Idea like this.. I am gonna buy my printer tray from Lisa and save myself a lot of stress and bad language! LOL

And finally (last bit.. promise!)   All the scribbling/doodling/practising seems to have paid off......  LOOK...... I drew PRETTY!!!!
You have no idea how ridiculously happy she makes me... I adore her! Yayyyyy Me!!!

Right.. that is all for now... but I am sure I will be back soon.......
Happy Arty-Crafty Stuff...... xxxxx


  1. Hi Debs.
    Everything looks great! I see you have been very productive. I love your printer tray and the doodled portrait looks very nice too.
    Cheers, Aurora

  2. lovely, think something like this might be my next project xx

  3. Love your selfmade printer tray!
    xoxo Claudia