Friday, 18 April 2014

Trying to remember what comes next.......

Hello Bloggers.....
been a busy few days.. school holidays and had a birthday and a trip to London, now Easter Weekend and a houseful.....   Not much "me" time occuring to play in! :-)

BUT.. I fell in love with some stamps recently.. and I had to have them.....  but having gotten them, it has been so long since I made card.. I am having a little rest and think what to do next!

I think my biggest problem playing with these was the size.. I am so used to doing BIG now, in my journal and on canvas, that little cute faces were tricky.. but I had great fun...can't beat a good colouring session!  I used Derwent Pencils (what else!) and I was trying the new Blender Pens on the coloured Pencil..... now these I really love, make blending and swooshing of colour so much fun..... then I switched back to my comfort zone, and did some one pencil shading on a couple of stamps.....  Really do enjoy this method.. and it is so easy as there is no worry over picking up the wrong pencil to add a bit and then discovering you picked up the wrong shade! (haven't we all been there!!)

So.. while I decide what to do with them now they are coloured and die cut (except the watch... yes, I know.. I forgot the watch!!) ..... here they are......

.......and.... just so you know.. the Gorjuss stamps, papers and all kinds of accessories are available from That Craft Place along with some fairly decent pencils..... OK.. they are not Derwent.. but I have heard Prisma's are Ok.... <cheesy grin>

Toodles xxxxx

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  1. Love these. Like them just in pencil rather than colour most. xxx